10 Days TUV ASME IX (American Society of Mechanical Engineers)


Price: £2690+ VAT @ 20%
TOTAL £3228.00 

This course is about what you require from an ASME IX qualification, it will be designed with you to maximise the level of outcome possible in the time available.  All materials, consumables and the test are included in the price. Training is conducted in our highly equipped welding centre,  east of Doncaster easily accessed by the motorway network.

All welding processes are catered for eg MIG/MAG MMA TIG also *Flux Core*.

We train with great success many people from novice to experienced in all the main types of welding processes, anyone wishing to change direction in life could begin a new and exciting career in welding right NOW!!.

What better way is there to prove  your welding skills to a possible future employer than provide a top class welder coding certificate.

Please note The ASME IX is very similar to BS-EN287 both extremely high standards of welding.

* Due to high cost of materials an extra charge would be levied*

Should you require answers to questions regarding this course call Nigel on 01302349724 who will be happy to help.

Check our testimonial page

Alex Hayhurst 35 Eng Regiment

Met all my objectives and went above and beyond what I expected to learn, the instructor was highly knowledgeable, more than willing to help you in progression First Rate!

 Andy Smith (Rotherham Sand and Gravel)

Learnt more than I was expecting, excellent tutor, couldn’t wish for better no expense spared, many thanks to the tutor for making this course seem easy.

John Horne ( Army)

Met my objectives very well plus included extra training on other process, learned more than expected, excellent tutor, made the course a pleasure to be on, very good training materials no expense spared plus good facilities and equipment.

Gary Cowan (ARMY)

Met my objectives 100% each day the instructor related the learning process to our future requirements, the instructor is clearly an expert in his field and very keen to pass on his knowledge.

The course was very good in all aspects, full use of materials and consumables were not limited, extensive range of equipment and facilities were good.

John Elms (ARMY)

The course fully met my requirements, I can apply all processes taught, the tutor was FANTASTIC! engaging in every aspect of the course, the course was delivered in logical stages with tuition/guidance/handouts/instruction throughout.

The facility is “awesome”, everything I needed, the tutor was kind and welcoming with the facilities, I would definitely recommend this training course.