10-day Air Conditioning Training Course

What does this course offer?

Are you interested in working in the air conditioning/heat pump industry or do you want to improve
your existing industry skills? Our 10-day air conditioning training course is designed to equip you
with extensive knowledge and skills that empower you to install, repair and maintain split type heat
pump heating and cooling units. This course is especially well suited for heating, gas engineers,
plumbers, electricians or those with existing practical skills and an interest to gain new skills.

What will I learn?

This course offers training for splits heat pumps, including FGAS CAT 1, Pipework and Brazing and
teaches you hands-on practical skills for installing, maintaining, commissioning, and servicing air
conditioning. Our combined FGAS and split system course covers everything required for fitting a
split type system, including repair and maintenance, providing you with the necessary certification
to cover FGAS rules related to refrigeration systems.
Whether for wall, ceiling, or ducted, candidates will learn all that is required to repair and install split
type heat pumps. The course allows you to identify faults, as well as how to service and maintain
these systems. The course primarily focuses on offering hands-on training so that you can practically
learn and apply your skills in relevant contexts.

How is the course structured?

The first part of the course covers the CAT 1 FGAS regulations. Within 5 days, you will gain either City
and Guilds 2079, BESA cat 1 or LOGIC LCL FGAS certification. After this, the course then focuses on
one day of Pipework and Brazing, certificated by BESA, LCL or City and Guilds. Finally, the last 4 days
will focus on practical hands-on learning around SPLIT heat pump air conditioning.


Do you offer other courses?

Our courses are designed to be flexible with each component running multiple times per week so
you can attend sessions for each component at a convenient time.

• 1-day FGAS renewals (CAT 1 – 4) run 7 days per week (Mon – Sun)
• 1-day Pipework and Brazing run 7 days per week
• 1-day Hydrocarbon handling run 7 days per week

Depending on your needs, we offer a variety of other courses of varying lengths so you can pick a
course that suits you and your bespoke requirements.

• 15-day intense refrigeration and air conditioning course, including FGAS, brazing
Hydrocarbons, and mobile air conditioning
• 10-day intense refrigeration, including FGAS and brazing with intensive hands on experience
• 5-day FGAS for novices (safe handling of refrigerants) BESA / City and Guilds
• 1-day Ammonia Awareness (up to 10)
• 1-day R32 training
• 1-or 2-day mobile air conditioning (MACS) city and guilds, run 7 days per week

For more information about our 10-day air conditioning training course or any other courses, please
feel free to contact us by sending an email to joanne@deta2000.co.uk or giving us a call on 01302

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