10 Day Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Course


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Course Description

  • Servicing
  • Maintenance
  • Recovery & Repair
  • Pipework & Brazing
  • Principles of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
  • Safe handling of  refrigerants
  • City & Guilds 2079 safe handling of refrigerants or BESA/LOGIC (Theory & Practical).
  • Pipework and brazing training    (certification can be gained for a small cost) 

Our course price is kept keen reflecting these economic times, and includes all books, certification and lunch,  refreshments each day

Our 10 Day course is designed to be delivered in a relaxed atmosphere, numbers are kept low to enhance the one to one time spent with the tutor and throughout the course theory is taken in to the workshop to help embed the learning,
This course offers 80 percent practical hands on learning. Please note there may be homework.



The Air Conditioning/Refrigeration Industry has been developing since the late nineteenth century. It is a comparatively young Industry and is, more importantly, very much a growth Industry. Employment opportunities for Personnel entering the field of Refrigeration increase year by year to accommodate this growth. There are, broadly speaking, six fields of Refrigeration. These fields are Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, Marine and Refrigerated Transport. Automotive Air Conditioning, which is now fitted as standard to most of the production cars, is the latest addition to our Industry.

Domestic Refrigeration – This title applies to the appliances most of us have in our homes – domestic refrigerators and freezers. The past couple of years have also seen an increase in the number of small air conditioning units and mobile units installed in our homes. Maintenance of domestic appliances is normally through the initial manufacturer’s warranty. Long term service contracts and servicing / repair facilities are usually provided by local Engineers.

Commercial Refrigeration – The plant and equipment on site can vary widely. It is more often in the medium/large range. This field covers Offices, Banks and Building Societies, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Entertainment Centres, Hotels, Airports, Railways, Prisons etcetera. Some plant and equipment will be covered through a Service Contract Company, others through the employment of “On-site Personnel”.

Industrial Refrigeration – This field also covers the medium/large range of plant and equipment. It covers factories producing a broad spectrum of products e.g. meat, poultry, fish, pastries, sweets, chocolates, deserts, pickles, sauces, mineral water and pet-foods. Bakeries for all our bread, cakes and pies. Breweries for beers, lagers and a range of beverages.

Marine Refrigeration – Ocean going refrigerated cargo vessels, ships and barges carry a huge range of products from every corner of the globe. They supply our food industry, supermarkets and shops with a wide variety of produce. Pleasure craft of all types and sizes are fitted with air conditioners, heat pumps, refrigerators and freezers. All of these have unique features which reflect their use, application and geographical location on inland waterways throughout the world.

Refrigerated Transport – The transportation of chilled and wide-range of frozen food products has increased tremendously over the past decade. There is a growing demand for our produce to arrive on the shelves of our shops and supermarkets in “peak condition”. Fleet operators have grown in numbers in relation to this demand – along with the requirement for vehicles to perform at the height of efficiency, hence the growing numbers of Engineers required to ensure that the servicing, repair and maintenance of these “fleets” is carried out.

Automotive Air Conditioning – The installation of air conditioning units were fitted to an “elite” selection of cars five years ago. Today these units are fitted to the majority of production vehicles. To date, most garages seem reluctant to take on board the servicing and maintenance of the air conditioning systems and seem to prefer to have maintenance and repairs carried out by Contractors.
This, of course, is very good news for the thousands of Contractors throughout the United Kingdom.

A sample of course reviews

10 days Refrigeration – HAL Training.
It was a fantastic course, and it was above my expectations.
Instructor have a lot of experience in the industry and has the capacity to transmit the knowledge.
Since refrigeration is a complex subject, hands on is the way to understand all the theory behind refrigeration.
Highly recommend!!
Jorge Real 10-day refrigeration course – November 2017

I did the 10-day refrigeration course and it was brilliant, more hands on and you get to the important stuff rather than being stuck in a classroom. would definitely recommend!
Carl English – 10-day refrigeration course

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