Our course reviews

This course is excellent value for money. From having little to no understanding of the subject to the position I’m in now, is fantastic. The learning provider is always happy to answer any and all questions and will happily answer and clear up and points that may be confusing. The group size
is perfect and the ability to get 1 on 1 tutoring is there. This course should be more highly advertised for soldiers wishing to get into this industry using
their resettlement entitlements.
Thank you DETA2000.

15 Day Refrigeration course- D McCracken – MOD  Sept 2018

At the start of this course i informed the learning provider that i was dyslexic. this did not cause any problems at all. they catered for me by following the certification bodys guidlines. they made every effort to ensure that i could understand what i had to do and read and explained, when
needed, any questions i had to answer. this massively increased my confidence and i was able to focus on actually learning and not trying to read or decipher questions.i highly recommend this learning provider.

15 day refrigeration course – M Swift- Sept 18

I successfully completed a 10 day refrigeration and air conditioning course with H.A.L Training. I would recommend them to anybody wanting training in this subject. The content of the course was exactly what I needed, there is a bias towards practical learning in the workshops which I think many people will appreciate. Dave the tutor was very engaging, knowledgable and has plenty of experience to draw from! Thank you! – R Partlow June 2018

I would recommend attending the F Gas course. The practicle sessions are really helpful and the instructors knowledge and patience was outstanding. Kyle Loveday – 15 day refrigeration course June 2018

Just completed the 15 Day refrigeration course and must say it was a refreshing change to be taught in a manner that would not only help you in the real world but also with plenty of “hands on” with the refrigeration rigs in the workshop.
Dave Stone who teaches the course has the ability to see how each individual is taking in the information and then tailor their learning progress.
3 weeks of great learning with a few laughs thrown in which made the course even more enjoyable.
There are shorter/cheaper courses out there that will give you the certificate, but no way will they make you competent like this one will.
I can say this as I’m a qualified electrician with 28 years’ experience of courses and know that some of the training providers just gear you up for the exam, which is ok until you get out in to reality!
Andrew Green 15-day refrigeration course – march 2018 

Just finished 15-day air conditioning and refrigeration course, fantastic course coming from only knowing how to open a fridge/freezer, Dave has an excellent range of knowledge of the industry and the equipment used. More than plenty of ‘hands on’ time, would definitely recommend this course to anyone. Look forward to taking what i’ve learnt forward with me into the industry.
Josh Ord 15-day refrigeration course – MOD – march 2018 

10 days Refrigeration – HAL Training.
It was a fantastic course, and it was above my expectations.
Instructor have a lot of experience in the industry and has the capacity to transmit the knowledge.
Since refrigeration is a complex subject, hands on is the way to understand all the theory behind refrigeration.
Highly recommend!!
Jorge Real 10-day refrigeration course  – November 2017 

Just completed the 15-day RAC Course. Very informative and helpful course to help get into the industry. Dave, the instructor, was very helpful and knowledgeable and knew how to make everyone understand about the principles of Refrigeration and A/C. Top bloke! Would definitely recommend.
David Armstrong 15-day refrigeration course -MOD – nov

I did the 10-day refrigeration course and it was brilliant, more hands on and you get to the important stuff rather than being stuck in a classroom. would definitely recommend!
Carl English – 10-day refrigeration course

I have completed a 15 days refrigeration and AC course at H.A.L. Training services, Doncaster.
This course is for everyone, who wish to get a very good education level .
The reason is only one- top quality in theory and practice ,demonstrated by instructor Dave in the classroom and in the workshop.
He teach everyone to work as team and to demonstrate their skills. The instructor gave us a lot samples from a real events and this was very helpful to understand how to think in our future work.
So I can to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
15 Day Refrigeration Course Lyudmil Varbanov

Just done the 10 day refrigeration and air conditioning course.
The course is really well structured you get a lot of practical training in and Dave the trainer is brilliant excellent at teaching and you can tell he knows his stuff.
Best course I have ever attended.
Ian Williamson 10 Day Refrigeration

I have just completed the 15 day refrigeration and air conditioning course, me and the lads on the course really enjoyed it and we believe we have learnt so much over the 15 days. The instructor simplified everything in to different ways so everyone understood the systems and the way they worked! Overall, excellent course, would highly recommend training with HAL if you are wanting to get into the industry.
15 Day Refrigeration Course David Hargreaves

I have just been on a refrigeration course and was one of the best courses I have been on.
I done a years training in refrigeration and air conditioning and I have learnt more here than I ever did in my training. From the word go they have been extremely professional and very helpful so thank you HAL training and thank you Dave for putting on such a good course.
15 Day Refrigeration Course Danny Peebles

Just completed my 15 day air conditioning and refrigeration course here at HAL. Course was brilliant, the level of experience of the instructor was outstanding, sharing his knowledge and experience with us, delivering the course so we could all understand at a level we could relate to. Good hand outs to follow the course, perfect amount of practical sessions which helped understand the theory and tested our knowledge. Would highly recommend this training establishment for forces/ex forces and civilians.
15 Day Refrigeration Course Craig Gauld

Workshop had all necessary equipment and variation of systems, as appose to being kept on one system, instructor had very good knowledge and taught the course well!
15 Day Refrigeration Course Patrick Kieran

Really good course, very detailed it has been hard work and we have been stretched as we were taken through the knowledge to pass the exam and gained a real knowledge and understanding of refrigeration. The relationship between the practical and the theory allowed you to understand how things worked by actually seeing it working and doing it!
15 Day Refrigeration John Wilkinson

Excellent Course ! The knowledge of the instructor is outstanding, a lot to take in in such a short time if you was to come from a non engineering background, I was happy with the knowledge and how it was presented
15 Day Refrigeration Course Robert Swain

Good amount of hands on training in a relaxed environment, course leader very knowledgeable and willing to help
15 Day Refrigeration Course Craig Palmer

Coming from an Army background the instructor has the perfect bond with us to teach,and has the correct balance and patience, learnt loads and in some cases to much.
15 Day Refrigeration Course Simon Rodgers ( Army)